Aiseta Tambadou

Aiseta Tambadou - Board of Director

My name is Aiseta Tambadou. I am originally from Congo. I started school in Congo, I finished in Mali. My family moved in Mali in 1997. The refugee office in Mali was very helpful, they helped us with almost everything that we needed from clothing, school supplies, to everything you can think of that a person would need to survive. By the grace of God through the refugee program,  I finished my school. I didn't get a job after I finished school, so the refugee office let me work with them helping other refugees and retired seniors. I worked with them until it was our time to come to the United States. Working with refugees since back home was the greatest thing I've ever done. Now it's my passion to work with refugees and New comers. I want to finish what I started and help others, because I was once in their shoes.